Deliver trustable data.
Without coding.

Selfr is an AI-powered data platform that helps you build robust data pipelines easily.
Blend and refine data from hundreds of sources and deliver data that business teams can trust.

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What is Selfr exactly?

Selfr is a low-code data platform that provides all the tools you need to go from your live data sources to interactive dashboards. It replaces stitching together a cloud data warehouse, an ELT solution, a data transformation solution, a scheduler, and a BI solution.

All in one

Offers an entire modern data stack into a single platform

Low code

Very intuitive interface and leverages standard SQL


Centralizes all your data tables and transformations


Built on top of world-class data warehouse solution Snowflake


Provides granular control of users data access and usage


Compatible with dbt and allows you to use any BI solution

"By centralizing our tables and metrics, Selfr has considerably simplified the building and maintenance of our data pipelines, and has allowed me to output data that operational units can trust"

Staël Anicet - Data Analyst at Horace
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Why Selfr?

Stop wrestling hard-to-maintain legacy BI systems. Experience the power and scalability of a modern data stack, and consistently deliver reliable data insights to your entire organization.

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Centralize and govern all your data assets

No more messy pipelines, manually duplicated SQL, and multiple versions of the truth. Selfr centralizes all your data sources, tables, and transforms, and automatically propagates changes downstream.

Main illustration from Selfr's home UI showing sources, data warehouse, transforms, schedules, and stories.
Business person sitting at her desk looking at a chart with the data lineage overlaid on the illustration.

Trust metrics and dashboards

Don’t pull out your hair wondering if you can trust your data to make important decisions. Selfr is based on robust tech and forces the user to apply modern data ops best practices to ensure data reliability.

Data lineage flow chart illustrating the deriving of a data table from multiple popular business apps.

Join multiple sources to deliver any KPI

Say goodbye to siloed data. Selfr stores all the data from your sources into a single data warehouse so you can join and query anything. Deriving KPIs from 6 different sources has never been easier.

Share data safely to anyone

Selfr allows you to embed or share dashboards with people outside your organization without worrying about user-based licenses. It gives you total control over data access and the power to revoke permissions.

Man leaning against dashboards.

A 360-degree view of your business

Selfr unifies all your business-related data, allowing you to have a comprehensive understanding of all your operations.


Monitor all marketing channels and track performance

Revenue Ops

Unify sales, marketing, and customer success


Monitor any financial metrics and share with investors


Understand how your product is used to drive growth

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