Turn siloed data into insights. With zero engineering.

Selfr is a plug & play data platform that empowers teams with limited data engineering resources to centralize, transform, and share data at scale.

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Pulling data from multiple sources, transforming it, blending it, and displaying it as Sankey, Funnel, and Cohort charts.
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What is Selfr exactly?

Selfr is a low-code data platform that provides all the tools you need to go from your live data sources to interactive dashboards. It replaces stitching together a cloud data warehouse, an ELT solution, a data transformation solution, a scheduler, and a BI solution.

Selfr's home UI showing the different blocks of the platform: Sources, data warehouse, transforms, schedules, and stories.
Screens with spreadsheet, data lineage, and charts.
All in one

Offers an entire modern data stack into a single platform

Video game controler.
Low code

Very intuitive interface and leverages standard SQL

Buttler waiting to serve.

Centralizes all your data tables and transformations

Fast growing chart with arrow going upward.

Built on top of world-class data warehouse solution Snowflake

Shield with a lock in it.

Provides granular control of users data access and usage

Hand completing a puzzle.

Compatible with dbt and allows you to use any BI solution

What can I do with it?

Centralize all data

Connect all your data sources and let Selfr pull and store your data into a central cloud data warehouse. Explore tables, preview the data and visualize relationships with data lineage.

Selfr ingesting data from multiple popular business apps
Selfr's SQL editor for defining transformations.

Transform and model

Build transforms from a modern SQL editor to clean up and combine your raw data into datasets. Curate these datasets as the single source of data truth for your organization.

Automate your data pipelines

Schedule and automate when the data is pulled and the transformations are applied. Provide up-to-date data to you business and quickly detect and correct potential errors.

Selfr's UI for defining schedules showing the data lineage of the scheduled data node.
Three charts showing net revenue, CPA by channel, and MRR.

Share or embed dashboards

Build interactive dashboards from governed datasets and include any calculated business metrics. Share or embed these dashboards inside or outside your organization.

Empower business people

Let business people manipulate dashboard data with a sandboxed no-code interface. Let them answer their own questions without altering your carefully governed datasets.

Business people discussing data in front of a giant chart.

Why Selfr?

Stop wrestling hard-to-maintain legacy BI systems. Experience the power and scalability of a modern data stack, and consistently deliver reliable data insights to your entire organization.

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Centralize and govern all your data assets

No more messy pipelines, manually duplicated SQL, and multiple versions of the truth. Selfr centralizes all your data sources, tables, and transforms, and automatically propagates changes downstream.

Main illustration from Selfr's home UI showing sources, data warehouse, transforms, schedules, and stories.
Data lineage flow chart illustrating the deriving of a data table from multiple popular business apps.

Join multiple sources to deliver any KPI

Say goodbye to siloed data. Selfr stores all the data from your sources into a single data warehouse so you can join and query anything. Deriving KPIs from 6 different sources has never been easier.

Build a data culture.
Not a data stack.

Don’t waste resources building and maintaining a data stack by stitching together different products. Leverage our ready-to-use modern data stack and deliver value from day one to your organization.

Three business persons carrying big charts in their hands and building together a dashboard.
Selfr's UI for no-code transformations with a selected column and a preview column.

No more BI backlog

Spend less time on basic BI queries. Empower business teams to answer their own questions by transforming and visualizing your carefully curated data from an intuitive no-code interface.

Control data access

Avoid irreversible data incidents and embarrassing leaks. Selfr’s two-levels permission system allows you to precisely monitor and manage users’ rights to view and use data at every stage of a data pipeline.

Selfr's UI for sharing a story with other users.

Start trusting your data, making better decisions, and building a data-driven organization. And do it all without investing in expensive data engineering.

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Get a 360-degrees view of your business

Get detailed metrics about every aspect of your business: marketing, sales, support, revenues, finance, product, software development, etc. Make more informed decisions to beat the competition.

Executive looking at a map of the world with multiple dots and an open dashboard showing data for a specific location.
Business person sitting at her desk looking at a chart with the data lineage overlaid on the illustration.

Trust metrics and dashboards

Don’t pull out your hair wondering if you can trust your data to make important decisions. Selfr is based on robust tech and forces the user to apply modern data ops best practices to ensure data reliability.

Save money on data engineering

Selfr is a ready-to-use modern data stack that can be operated entirely by a data analyst. It’s radically cheaper than hiring sought-after data engineers, while designed to scale as your organization grows.

Software developer sitting at her desk and looking at code on her screen.
Business person playing with charts that look like sliders.

Embrace governed freedom

With its no-code interface, Selfr empowers business people to leverage carefully curated datasets to build new charts and answer their own questions. It’s the perfect balance between governance and freedom.

Share data safely to anyone

Selfr allows you to embed or share dashboards with people outside your organization without worrying about user-based licenses. It gives you total control over data access and the power to revoke permissions.

Man leaning against dashboards.

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