Our vision

We’re a team of engineers and UX designers who are passionate about data and fascinated by how central it has become to every human endeavor. Software sure ate the world, but it digested it as data, and now data has to be dealt with and leveraged.

The data and analytics world has witnessed an unprecedented wave of innovations in the last decade loosely identified as “the modern data stack”. Yet despite the flurry of new vendors in the data space, we grew frustrated with how incredibly complicated it still was to set up a scalable data stack for organizations with limited engineering resources. You’d have to pick up multiple products from different vendors, stitch them together, and maintain the whole thing…

We believe there’s a better way, a way that would make modern data ops accessible to all organizations. We believe there should exist an all-in-one data platform that can be set up in mins by a data analyst, bring value from day one, and scale into a full blown modern data stack when needed. Despite all the marketing bullshit promises of this crowded market, we couldn’t find such a platform. So we built it ourselves :)

Our team

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Co-founder & CEO
Co-founder & CTO
Backend Architect
Frontend Architect

Our investors and advisors

Charlie O'Donnell
Brooklyn Bridge Ventures
Olivier Pomel
Co-founder & CEO of Datadog
Thomas Sparico
Brand New Matter
Marvin Liao
Diaspora Ventures
Carlos Diaz
Diaspora Ventures
Alexei Chemenda
Axe Partners
Xavier Mariani
Axe Parners
Charles Gorintin
Co-founder & CTO of Alan
Renaud Visage
Co-founder of Eventbrite
Paul Lê
Co-founder of labellevie.com
We are part of the selective Founders Program 2.0 at Station F