Manage all data from a single platform

Centralize data assets

Connect all your data sources and let Selfr pull and store your data into a central cloud data warehouse. Explore tables, preview the data and visualize relationships with data lineage.

Selfr ingesting data from multiple popular business apps
Selfr's SQL editor for defining transformations.

Transform and model

Build transforms from a modern SQL editor to clean up and combine your raw data into datasets. Curate these datasets as the single source of data truth for your organization.

Automate your data pipelines

Schedule and automate when the data is pulled and the transformations are applied. Provide up-to-date data to you business and quickly detect and correct potential errors.

Selfr's UI for defining schedules showing the data lineage of the scheduled data node.
Three charts showing net revenue, CPA by channel, and MRR.

Share or embed dashboards

Build interactive dashboards from governed datasets and include any calculated business metrics. Share or embed these dashboards inside or outside your organization.

Control data access

Avoid irreversible data incidents and embarrassing leaks. Selfr’s two-levels permission system allows you to precisely monitor and manage users’ rights to view and use data at every stage of a data pipeline.

Selfr's UI for sharing a story with other users.

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